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As a leader in the international market, ICT Thai is committed to continuous, innovation.

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Note Acceptor

Equipped with strong counterfeit recognition ability, anti-stringing and anti-fishing technologies, ICT Bill Acceptors provide faster acceptance speed and a higher acceptance rate.

Coin Acceptor

ICT Coin Acceptors feature advanced coin validating technologies so that can highly reduce the chance of receiving counterfeit coins.

Coin Changer

The Coin Changer features six modular coin tubes to provide the highest level of flexibility in managing payout combinations. With Japan Standard Communication Interface(JPSTD) and MDB interfaces available, the Coin Changer strongly supports multiple indoor and outdoor applications.

Card Dispenser

With large card capacity and outstanding reliability and durability, the Card Dispenser enhances the ability of providing a fast and steady card dispensing time.

ID Verifier

The ICT ID Verifiers accept identification cards and provide fast recognition speed and a high acceptance rate. Not only do they have strong and waterproof structure design, the machines also provide power-saving sleep mode and an easy installation mechanism.

Note Disenser

ICT Note Dispensers offer the most valuable and secure note dispensing solution. With the better efficiency and flexibility of note transaction, ICT Note Dispensers are definitely your best choice.

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