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DCM5 ID Verifier

DCM5 is an outstanding product to provide the function of age verification. It is designed by ICT, which can be installed in equipments as an auxiliary device. DCM5 checks the data of birth of customers' driver license, old identification card, or new identification card for the age 18. This device can be used to perform age verification for restricted products or services such as alcohol, tobacco, erotic toys, movies, night clubs, or membership clubs to the people who are older than 18 years old for purchasing. This device is designed for both indoor and installation and outdoor environments. Power saving is available for outdoor machine( by battery or solar cell system) for longer batter lifetime.

  • Fast recognition speed with high acceptance rate
  • Strong and waterproof structure design
  • Sleep mode for power saving
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Build-in IrDA function for software upgrade
  • High system security

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